Editorial Photography | Inside the Castle Walls

Hey there!  So I'm going to be gradually migrating blog posts over to this new blog... mainly the photos as well some of the content got lost (I won't go into it).  Good thing is I still have my photos... just don't have the time to write about every single shoot so some of them may just be photo uploads with tags, which is kind of the point of a photo blog anyway.  I will be back dating old posts just so the photos are there for my clients to view.

I was actually so behind on my old blog anyway, maybe this will be a fresh start... this shoot I never had actually posted before (just shared on IG, etc.), so I thought it would be perfect to start with.  It is one of my all time FAVORITES - I mean an old medieval castle in England? Yes, yes, yes.... if I wasn't tied down here in Utah- I think I would pick up my family and move to England.  This was an editorial for Child Model Magazine, their cover shoot.   It was an amazing trip!

beautiful photography

two girls in a castle

portrait fashion photography

girl dancing in a castle

girl in a castle looking up and wearing a white dress

girl in a castle looking out a window

girl standing in a castle window

amazing portrait and fashion photography

beautiful model in a castle

stunning fashion photography

girl in a castle wall

beautiful photography of a girl in a castle wearing a dress

a girl wearing a golden dress sitting in a stone castle window

gorgeous model in a castle window

beautiful girl looking down towards her dress

girl wearing a big beautiful champagne gown in front of a castle

fashion photographer

portrait fashion photographers

two girls sitting on a castle ledge

amazing portrait fashion photography by amber Bauerle of frosted productions

girl standing in an opening of a castle

two girls wearing ball gowns at a castle

old abandoned castle in England

girl standing in a stone castle

golden gown

girl wearing white big ball gown in a castle

a model standing on a bridge in front of a castle in England

girl standing behind a castle gate

girl leaning to the side of a castle wall

stunning girl in front of a castle

amazing portrait fashion photography

beautiful photography  large castle in England

amazing castle and girl photography
girl behind a castle gate
two girls sitting in a castle
window glow from sun in a castle
incredible photography
award winning photography by frosted productions
photography by amber Bauerle
stunning portrait photography by amber Bauerle frosted productions
girl with long hair and white gown
girl sitting in a castle



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