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My First Photoshop CC Action is Released! | Velveteen Skin Aglow and Subject Pop

I'm excited to release my first Photoshop CC Action!  I use this baby all the time!  On almost every single photo that I edit.  It is such a great action, with so many possibilities.  If I had one action to use - it would be this one because it brings out the subject and separates them from the background.  That is the key to many of my photos.  You can watch me use the action here: Photoshop Velveteen Aglow and Subject Pop Action Tutorial 1 Photoshop Velveteen Aglow and Subject Pop Action Tutorial 2

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Almost there... and a little bit about me.

Hey everyone!  I'm soooo excited to start adding things to my product shop!!  It has been years and years in the making, I feel bad for stringing people along for so long.  A little bit about me... I'm Amber Bauerle, owner and photographer for Frosted Productions.  I have been obsessed with imagery and creative things since I was in high school when I started photography and trying to make what was in my head become a photo.  I was a dancer and dance teacher for years and that sort of distracted me for a bit.  Then I got married had a great corporate job making great money... but it wasn't fulfilling my creative side, just the financial side.  I always...

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